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What are we doing?

Tint exists to make cross border trade easier, quicker and more sustainable for SMEs and their supply chains.

We help our customers grow by offering short term cross border trade-finance.
We help our customers to move to net zero carbon emissions by understanding the risks in supplying goods that reduce carbon and measuring the carbon reduction delivered both in international trade and UK lending.
We deal with the regulatory and compliance complexity of managing data and cashflows across jurisdictions, enabling customers to benefit from contributing data once and using it multiple times.
We are building a portal into a digital ecosystem, including access to expertise and specialist knowledge, that will enable our customers to mitigate risk through funding, insurance, FX management, and logistics management.
We will use data gathered in our business to help our customers to show themselves and their supply chain becoming more sustainable, and to inform depositors on how their funds help increase sustainability in the trade eco-system.
We will bring local market knowledge and language skills to a wider market of customers through our network of partners, so reducing uncertainty and risk for our customers.

What's our strategy?

Our strategy is based on collaboration and sustainable value creation.

We believe that we can fill a gap in the current corporate and SME banking market with innovative new products that promote sustainable international trade by partnering with others to increase financing options and access to global markets.

Tint is using the convergence of developments in finance, insurance, FX, logistics and sustainability to provide a one-stop-shop with funding across the whole trade cycle.

Who are we?

Experienced and diverse team of finance professionals.

The Tint Financial Services (Tint) team is made up of experienced banking and industry professionals, leveraging the latest system and technology in the market.


Steve Rose
Chief Executive Officer / Founder


Lucy Morley
Chief Credit Officer


Mark Winters
Chief Compliance Officer


Jodi Cartwright
Chief Commercial Officer


Max Firth
Chief Operating Officer

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Why are we doing it?

Offering bespoke services and making sustainable trade accessible.

Tint is currently providing wholesale-funded lending products to SMEs, but will also apply for the regulatory permissions that will enable risk managed trade to be funded through UK deposits as a UK deposit taker. We want to enable depositors to understand the impact on the environment of the activity their deposits fund.

Tint supports the move to net zero for carbon emissions by understanding the risks to be managed in supplying goods that support carbon reduction, how to measure the achievement of that carbon reduction, and how to repay the investment as the benefits are delivered.

Tint is building a portal into a digital ecosystem that will help businesses and individuals trade across national boundaries.

The portal will facilitate funding and risk management, enabling trade finance, insurance, FX management, deposit and custody, and credit products in one place whilst reliably measuring the impact on the environment for customers and their supply chains.

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